a black and white photograph of a bald white man screaming into a microphone

What I See

by Glen E Friedman Author and Chuck Dukowski Foreword

In this photography collection including never-before-seen shots, author and photographer Glen E. Friedman has compiled an authoritative and behind the scenes look at the iconic punk band Black Flag. With over 300 photographs and a foreword by Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski, What I See chronicles Friedman's nearly four year tenure following the band on tour from 1980 to 1983, documenting their shows from house parties, to clubs, to the beach, and the big stage. Friedman includes commentary alongside the photographs, explaining what drew him to the band, the energy and experiences he absorbed with them, and what compelled him to stay for as long as he did, making his own art alongside Black Flag. A vital addition to the bookshelf of any fan of punk music and music photography.