a diagram of a vagina with a question mark over it against a pink background

Your Vagina: Everything You Need to Know!

by Odile Bagot Author

In this guide to the vagina, learn everything there is to know about this sometimes elusive reproductive organ. Many confuse the vulva for the vagina, or refer to the vulva and the vagina with just the one term. Others still can't find the clitoris to save their lives, but fear not! With this book at your side, you'll be able to point out each and every piece of this awesome organ, and you'll be a vagenius in no time. Appropriate for all ages, and whether you yourself have a vagina or not, Your Vagina can teach you everything there is to know about vaginas. Learn about pleasure, pregnancy, possible ailments and the ways to prevent them, and understand how your body works so you can be as comfortable and confident in it as possible.