mountains underneath an aurora with an enormous mushroom in the middle of the sky

Microdosing with Amanita Muscaria: Creativity, Healing, and Recovery with the Sacred Mushroom

by Baba Masha Author and James Fadiman Author

Humans have been using psychedelic plants to enhance their experiences of spirituality for thousands of years. Some evolutionary biologists even believe that humans developed speech as a function of eating psychedelic mushrooms as we followed herds of animals across the savannah in our earliest days as a species. In this book, author Baba Masha explores the role that psychedelics play and can play in our contemporary society, focusing specifically on amanita muscaria. A common variety of magic mushroom, recent studies have shown that using amanita muscaria in small quantities can have tremendous impacts upon our mental and physical wellbeing. Capable of interrupting addiction and depression, as well as alleviating symptoms of asthma, gingivitis, psoriasis, and more, this magic mushroom shows a remarkable potential to transform the way we treat a variety of ailments. Masha provides instructions for harvesting, preparing, and preserving your own amanita muscaria, and includes dosing instructions to derive the most benefit from this humble fungi. For the initiated and uninitiated alike, Masha's book promises to change the way you think about psychedelics and their role in medicine.