various illustrations of herbs and plants

Ashkenazi Herbalism: Rediscovering the Herbal Traditions of Eastern European Jews

by Deatra Cohen Author and Adam Siegel Author

Going back to the Middle Ages, Ashkenazi Jews lived in the Eastern European Pale of Settlement and practiced herbalism as an essential part of their folk medicine. Though there is some documentation of these herbal practices, the tumult and genocide of the 20th century had largely erased and hidden this aspect of Ashkenazi heritage. This new volume from Deatra Cohen and Adam Siegel aims to retrieve and revive this lost tradition and contains illustrations, information, and historical context on the development of Eastern European Jewish herbalist practices. As much a history book and cultural artifact as a way of treating illness, Ashkenazi Herbalism is a vital addition to contemporary literature on herbal practices and a powerful resource for those hoping to reconnect to a heritage nearly lost to 20th century fascism.