a plant illustrated in watercolor with an orange flourish across it and a purple circle underneath

The Intimate Herbal: A Beginner's Guide to Herbal Medicine for Sexual Health, Pleasure, and Hormonal Balance

by Marie White Author

In this day and age where reproductive health is under assault by the theologians on the Supreme Court, learning to care for yourself with herbal medicine has never been a more valuable skill to possess. Humans treated their sexual and reproductive health concerns with herbs for centuries before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals, and you can learn the same techniques and tricks today. Author Marie White has compiled a comprehensive guide to using herbs, fungi, and alternative medicines for everything from contraception to erectile dysfunction, from breast health to urinary tract infections. With instructions for building an herbal pharmacy, administering tinctures, decoctions, oils, salves and more, The Intimate Herbal is a must read for experienced and amateur herbalists alike. While White's book is not a cure-all, it can give you more agency over your sexual and reproductive health at a time when the state is seeking to take that control away.