a painting of a woman holding a bowl with a green substance in it that is pouring out onto the ground, which appears to be water

Witchcraft: The Library of Esoterica

by Thunderwing Author, Jessica Hundley Editor and Pam Grossman Editor

In this gorgeous volume, travel back through the ages and discover the history of witchcraft, from its roots in Ancient Greek and Ancient Celtic cultures to its modern day incarnations. Replete with more than 400 works of art and essays from a variety of contemporary practitioners, you'll learn about the archetype of the witch and how that archetype has evolved since its inception. Taking on the role of mother, nymph, seductress, crone, and destroyer, witches have long been multi-faceted subjects in the Western imagination, a mirror held up against what a society feared or reviled, respected or revered. This visual history and exploration of witchcraft is a must-read for any contemporary magical practitioners, and a vital addition to the shelf of any student of magical history.