an illustration of an angel pouring water between two cups in the classic Rider-Waite style

Tarot: The Way of Mindfulness

by Johannes Fiebig Author and Evelin Burger Author

From the prolific tarot authors Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger comes this latest book on the connections between the practice of tarot and the practice of mindfulness. For those interested in wedding their interest in tarot to their interest in meditation, Fiebig and Burger's book offers card-by-card breakdowns, charts, spreads, and interpretive guides to help you understand the cards and incorporate their meanings into your mindfulness. By focusing on what the cards have to teach us, we can attain a new level of reflection and self-awareness, better preparing us to confront the challenges that come our way every day and ensuring that we can find balance. A powerful book for those keen to explore both tarot and mindfulness.