Sneakier uses for everyday things by Cy Tymony

Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things

by Cy Tymony Author

Would you like to know how to turn a Calculator into a Metal Detector? Carry a Survival Kit in a Shoestring or Make a Gas Mask with a Balloon? How about turning dish-washing liquid into a Copy Machine or Convert a Styrofoam Cup into a Speaker?

With this creative, incredibly guidebook, even a magazine can be turned into over 20 useful gadgets--a compass, hearing aid, magnifier, peashooter, and bottle opener.

There are 40 new educational and unique projects that anybody can successfully complete with simple household items, including necessary materials, detailed sketches, and step-by-step instructions for each gadget and gizmo. Among the sneaky schemes are: Create a electroscope out of a glass jar, use an AM radio as a metal detector, and make a James Bond spy gadget jacket with over 20 individual sneaky uses ranging from a siren and whistle to a walkie-talkie and voice recorder!