a father and child wearing white shirts standing next to a pool

Head Case: My Father, Alzheimer's & Other Brainstorms

by Alexis Orgera Author

In this touching and heartfelt memoir from Alexis Orgera, she chronicles the end stages of her father's struggle with Alzheimer's and explores the particular kind of grief that comes from watching a loved one disappear into this insidious disease. Robbing Orgera's father of his mental faculties and memories, Alzheimer's similarly impacts thousands across the United States and the world. Orgera describes reading poetry, taking walks, listening to music, and painting with her father, and reflects on what it means to lose one's memories. Head Case operates as both a profound lament and elegy for a deeply loved father and invites all of us to consider what it means to be a human, to meditate on the role that memory plays in our lives, and on what happens when it begins to slip away.