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This is Vegan Propaganda: (And Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You)

by Ed Winters Author

A thoroughly researched and meticulously documented work of nonfiction, this treatise from author Ed Winters lays bare the stakes of the choices we make every day. Whether it's the milk in our coffee, the eggs in our breakfast, the turkey in our sandwich at lunch, or the steak on our plate at dinner, our consumption of animal products has consequences that extend far beyond ourselves. With repercussions for the health of the planet, the laborers that bring you these products, and of course, the animals themselves, every time we consume animal products we place ourselves in complicity with an enormous system of exploitation. The aptly titled This Is Vegan Propaganda offers the reader the other side of the picture, the side the meat industry would rather you didn't see, and does so in an accessible and convincing way. Read this book, but read it at your own peril!