an illustration of the little prince from the children's book, wearing a green and red jacket and holding a sword against a backdrop of stars

How to Live Like the Little Prince: A Grown-Up's Guide to Rediscovering Imagination, Adventure, and Awe

by Stéphane Garnier Author

"All grown ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it." This memorable line from Antoine St. Exupéry's iconic children's book The Little Prince rings true now more than ever, in a world where everything moves so quickly and a thousand obligations pull us in every direction at all times. It's hard to retain the childlike wonder that used to color the way we saw the world. Luckily, Stéphane Garnier's new book How To Live Like The Little Prince is designed to help you recover that feeling, and to see the world anew with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that the titular character from St. Exupéry's book exhibits. Revisiting the book with an adult perspective, Garnier unpacks the simple wisdom it contains, and encourages the reader to slow down, dream big, and show kindness to yourself, others, and the planet. Rediscovering that childlike innocence and care is no easy task, but if we find ourselves up to it, we can make the world a little more full of magic, and we can recall the rebelliousness and incorruptibility of youth. A timely and beautiful book.