a queer couple with two kids, one in a baby carrier, walks down a rainbow holding hands while the older kid holds a sign with a heart on it

Twas the Night Before Pride

by Joanna McClintick Author and Juana Medina Illustrator

In this exceedingly cute and queer children's book, a family gleefully awaits the Pride Parade the next day, packing snacks and making signs and discussing the history of the movement for queer rights in age-appropriate terms. Written in a rhyming pattern similar to the Christmas poem that inspired the title, debut author Joanna McClintick tackles such difficult topics as the Stonewall Riots and the AIDS crisis all while telling the story of a family preparing for a celebration of inclusive love. Illustrated by award-winning artist Juana Median, Twas the Night Before Pride is a heartwarming book with a positive message, and a great gift for new parents, no matter their sexuality or gender.