two mice in trenchcoats huddle together in the glare of a spotlight with a swastika with a cat's face on it in the middle

Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History

by Art Spiegelman Author

In this book, now banned from schools in the state of Tennessee, follow Art Spiegelman as he reckons with his own trauma and his father's trauma as he begins to learn about his father's experiences of the Holocaust. Written in a reflective manner, this award winning graphic novel documents the author's struggle to tell his father's story as well as the story itself, weaving metanarrative and narrative seamlessly together and showing the reader the horror of the death camps. An even more important book to read now that it is being banned from some curricula, Maus is a devastating story, but a beautiful one as well. Seriously, a must read for everyone.