an illustrated cabbage, cut in half

Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen: Recipes, Resources, and Stories

by Meredith Pangrace Editor

The Rust Belt is home to all kinds of culinary traditions, brought over the Atlantic by immigrants at various points in U.S. history. From pierogis to paprikash, chitterlings to chimichurri, this cookbook has the old classics updated for vegan cooking. Accessible to cooks of various skill levels, the recipes in this book derive from professional chefs and home chefs alike. With a section on pantry staples for the vegan cook, and sections to help you pick the right recipe for the occasion, this cookbook is an excellent place to start for someone looking to try out a vegan diet. Each recipe comes with a story about its origins and some with a story about its conversion from its meatier predecessor. For excellent vegan home cooking, look no further.