'love your gut' but spelled with a heart for the O in 'love' and an orange for the O in 'your'

Love Your Gut: An Easy-to-Digest Guide to Health and Happiness from the Inside Out

by Dr. Megan Rossi Author

If you have struggled with chronic indigestion in your lifetime (and even if you haven't!), this book can help you reassess the many variables in your day to day life that affect your gut health. Dr. Megan Rossi walks the reader through the various ways that diet, exercise, and a host of other factors affect the microbiome living inside you. Diagnose your difficulties with a questionnaire, and learn ways to improve your gut health by altering day-to-day habits and cooking some of the 50 delicious recipes this book has to offer, from quinoa sushi rolls to prebiotic chocolate bark. With yoga poses, bowel massages, and even sleeping positions to aid your digestion, your gut flora will flourish in no time.