six images of vegan meals, with a painted circle in the center of the cover with the title overlaid

Zen Vegan Food: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes from a Zen Buddhist Monk

by Koyu Iinuma Author

In this unique cookbook, chef and Zen Buddhist monk Koyu Iinuma shares some of the recipes that he himself prepares in the kitchen of Fukushoji Temple in Yokohama, Japan. Koyu Iinuma practices sustainable and ethical cooking as part of his Buddhist practice, and teaches others how to prepare similarly ethical recipes in temples around the Kanagawa area. Even if you can't travel to Japan to take his lessons personally, with this cookbook and its 73 easy-to-follow recipes and colorful images depicting the finished product, you too can prepare delicious plant-based Japanese food. Whether you want to try making congee, a rice porridge dish with many different variations, or mushroom risotto with nori seaweed, or simply want to prepare some condiments and sauces to go with your tried and true favorites, this book can inspire you to cook in new, innovative, and more ethical ways.