a jackfruit taco. it looks pretty tasty.

The Jackfruit Cookbook: Over 50 Sweet and Savoury Recipes to Hit the Flavour Jackpot!

by Heather Thomas Author

Complete with sixty recipes that show off the versatility of this ingredient, The Jackfruit Cookbook is a great place for folks who are interested in cooking with this meat substitute to start. Whether you are trying to go vegan, or simply vegetarian, jackfruit is a carbon-conscious alternative that can serve so many possible roles in your kitchen. From jackfruit tacos, to pulled 'pork' jackfruit burgers, to jackfruit chutney and fritters, there's very little this fruit can't do. Author and chef Heather Thomas offers up the first cookbook dedicated solely to jackfruit to give you the push you need to start cooking and eating more sustainably.