a map of the U.S. made of wood and fractured into a handful of pieces with the symbol of chaos (8 arrows coming out from a point at the center) as the dividing lines

After the Revolution: A Novel

by Robert Evans Author

From the creator of the popular podcasts Behind the Bastards and It Could Happen Here, and the author of A Brief History of Vice comes this timely novel about the disturbingly real possibilities that may await the United States if our politics does not improve and our democracy stabilize. Though After the Revolution is a dystopian novel, it takes its cues from the very real state of our world today. Set in the 2070s in the crumbling Republic of Texas, radical militias battle for control of territory, and the Christian ethnonationalist state of the Heavenly Kingdom threatens the Free City of Austin. The novel's three protagonists must work together to stop the fascist threat, as unlikely a trio as they are. Manny is a fixer who provides transportation for journalists in and out of the conflict zone and provides international media with footage of the ongoing war. Sasha is a former member of the Heavenly Kingdom who flees after discovering the hideous truths behind their movement. And Roland is a combat veteran whose body and mind have been genetically and technologically engineered for maximum efficacy in battle, with blood that can clot quickly enough to heal major wounds and a brain designed to handle a ton of LSD. Evans' first novel, After the Revolution is as much a dire warning about the path the U.S. is on as it is an imaginative vision of the kinds of cultural formations and technology that may exist 50 years down the line. Fans of Evans' podcasts and of dystopian literature more broadly will find this book a must-read.