illustrations of tools and emergency supplies

Preparedness Now: An Emergency Survival Guide

by Anton Edwards Author

A really good emergency checklist book for ordinary people and preppers alike. Even if you're not predicting the imminent downfall of life as we know it, it's still a good idea to be ready for when a freak blizzard dumps 3 feet of snow on you and your pipes freeze, or there's an earthquake or gas leak or even just the kind of personal emergency—surprise breakup!—that means needing to get out *now.* Want to be prepared to grow all your own food, collect condensation in a sill, build a solar generator, fight off rogue bandits, and survive a chemical warfare attack? This book's got you covered. Likewise, and perhaps more helpfully, it covers your more everyday-disaster skills, like how to turn off the water when your pipes burst and making sure you have something around that you can eat for dinner when the power goes out for the day.