drawings of an owl, a bridge with a sailboat, a planter, someone on a bike, and some birds all against a purple background

50 Things to Do in the Urban Wild

by Clare Gogerty Author and Maria Nilsson Illustrator

For city dwellers, getting outside and enjoying the natural world can sometimes seem like a challenge. Public transit doesn't always take you all the way to hiking trails and untouched natural areas, and green space in the city can be hard to find. With this guide from author Clare Gogerty though, you can learn to enjoy the bits of nature that are all around you even in the most densely populated places on the planet, and even bring more greenery and nature into your apartment and neighborhood. From birdwatching, to keeping a leaf journal, to planting an herb garden, and stargazing, 50 Things to Do in the Urban Wild is full of ideas for introducing a little more of the natural world into your life without having to travel too far. A charming book, with charming illustrations.