a woman in child's pose with a pillow beneath her head

Mind & Body: Mental Exercises for Physical Wellbeing, Physical Exercises for Mental Wellbeing

by The School of Life Author

The mind-body problem is a philosophical problem dating back millennia. Are we our bodies or our minds? Is the mind distinct from the body, or is it part and parcel of it? Our minds can be frustrated with our bodies, and our bodies can feel and do things independent of our minds. In reality, mind and body are connected in more ways than we can imagine. But because it often does not feel that way, this book provides some helpful advice for the reader to work on aligning body and mind harmoniously. With six chapters (Sociability, Confidence, Modernity, Thinking, Beauty, and Mortality), this book aims to improve the connection between mind and body and ultimately help the reader live a life of greater self-assurance, wisdom, and physical ease.