bronchial pathways stretching down from the top of the cover against a blue background

The Power of Breathwork: Simple Practices to Promote Wellbeing

by Jennifer Patterson Author

With 25 simple exercises that you can do at home or on the go, The Power of Breathwork draws on various traditions from around the world to offer the modern reader an approach to wellness that begins with taking a deep breath. Using the accumulated wisdom of centuries, you can partake in breathing practices that will affordably and easily benefit your mental and physical health, and help you feel more centered. By thinking about yourself as three distinct entities - physical, emotional, and energetic bodies - and using other techniques such as altar-building, scents, visualizations, and grounding writing prompts, your breathwork can become an even more potent force for healing. Using author Jennifer Patterson's approach in many different contexts can help you bring peace to your day to day. A great book for those looking to work on their health in non-traditional ways.