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The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care

by Emma Loewe Author and Lindsay Kellner Author

Offering a variety of approaches to spiritual wellness, from meditation, to crystals, tarot, and astrology, Loewe and Kellner use science to explain why these techniques work, and offer tidbits of knowledge from experts in fields ranging from psychology to reiki healing and sound therapy. The Spirit Almanac is divided into four seasons to offer you exercises and rituals attuned to the changes in the world around throughout the year. Honor winter and set your intentions for the new year by planting a seedling in January. Breathwork exercises in the spring let you smell the flowers and plants waking up from the ground. Take a long walk in the forest in summertime or perform a crystal ritual to open your heart. In the fall, celebrate the moon and reflect on the year. A beautifully written and illustrated volume, with dozens of ways to work on your self care for the metaphysically minded. (Short Discount)