a student holding an open book in the center of the cover with the teacher speaking with them to the right.

Teaching Resistance: Radicals Revolutionaries, and Cultural Subversives in the Classroom

by John Mink Editor

In this anthology of essays and writings from activist educators from around the world, learn how teachers in different fields and at all levels from pre-K through post-grad are making waves and breaking out of the old mold. Editor John Mink brings together entries from the political punk magazine Maximum Rocknroll and new works from other subversive educators to create a volume that rans the gamut from community self-defense and antifascist praxis, to antiracism, Palestinian resistance, anarchist and punk/DIY culture, prison teaching, ESL, trauma, and more. An incredible resource for anyone looking to explore new ways to subvert norms around education and introduce radical concepts into their pedagogical approach, Teaching Resistance is a vital addition to any educator's bookshelf. Includes contributions from Michelle Cruz Gonzales, Dwayne Dixon, Martín Sorrondeguy, Alice Bag, Miriam Klein Stahl, Ron Scapp, Kadijah Means, Mimi Nguyen, Murad Tamini, Yvette Felarca, Jessica Mills, and others.