a rainbow and a trans flag in a circle

Naked Nutrition: An LGBTQ+ Guide to Diet and Lifestyle

by Daniel O'Shaughnessy Author

In this unique book, nutritionist and author Daniel O'Shaughnessy lays out the science of nutrition with a specific goal in mind: to help LGBTQ+ folks develop healthy eating habits that fit with their lifestyle, whether they're in the process of transitioning, have a chronic health condition, or need help eating well in order to combat the party lifestyle. By changing a few simple things about your diet and exercise habits, you can greatly increase your sense of well-being and help your body do the things that you want it to do: different foods can impact your hormone levels, impact your immune system, and kidneys and liver as well. Naked Nutrition is the first book designed to answer the questions queer folk might have about diet and lifestyle, and acts as a guide in an information environment that otherwise lacks such resources.