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Working Class History: Everyday Acts of Resistance & Rebellion

by Noam Chomsky Foreword and Working Class History Author

In this essential history of labor activism and class warfare, the creators of the Working Class History podcast and social media project bring you a book documenting the hidden histories and untold stories of the battles that have been fought for workers rights and the movements that are still underway to expand labor power and stamp out exploitation, oppression, colonization, and discrimination wherever they crop up. With a foreword by Noam Chomsky, this book is written as a progression through the days of the year, with entries marking anniversaries of significant events in labor movement history. Working Class History is designed to arm you with a comprehensive knowledge of the turning points that have brought us to this moment in the class struggle, and give you the tools to carry the torch forward into the next battle. Celebrating achievements by workers of all nationalities, identities, abilities, sexualities, and in every industry, and documenting the lengths that the rich and powerful have gone to in order to quash worker's rights movements, this book is an essential read for those in the struggle, and may be an eye-opening and radicalizing read for those not yet aware of the long and painful history of class-based oppression and exploitation around the globe.