jesus didn't teach heating gay people sticker

Sticker #003Jesus Didn't Teach Hating Gay People

by Joe Biel Author

 Love makes the world turn, people. 

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: "Jesus didn't teach hating gay people")

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The Bible says Jesus came to fulfill the old law; the old law is hate. There's no hate in the teachings of Buddha.


Best way I've seen it put. :D


What if you're not Christian?


If I had a car I could put this would totally be there. Instead, its going on my bass.
I completely agree with this statement. Thank you.


Thanks so fucking much...great amazing freaking unbelievably well put message. Have my baby please.


I live in CO and people with those fish on their cars can’t drive!! How bout’ a sticker that reads “put down your Bible and drive!” or “Unfortunately for you, Jesus wasn’t a driving instructor!” then maybe a fish symbol crinkled up to the end as if it crashed!!


As a Mennonite Christian I really dig this sticker. Jesus was about lover and tolerance not hate.


teemes, no matter what it may seem, you are not the only person in kansas who agrees with it. come to lawrence.


I too suffer from the ignorance of the christians that surround me. its sad that the word little christ has accumulated such a collection of hatred, although it is completly understandable. So much of what the religious right campaigns for is completly contrary to what their faith is based on. its hard to say that i am a christian, because i hold such a negative connitation with the word myself.


search online for it


I must be the only one in Kansas who agrees with this. Go forth with hate, my neighbors!


hey anonymous, were would I get this "hardcore punk guide to christianity" zine?


Alot of "straight" men have lots of stuff with naked jesus laying around. I've even seen some get on their knees in front of naked jesus. Naked jesus is hot. Go christian homophobe go.


Sara, read the "hardcore punk guide to christianity" zine.


No freaking kidding! I'm a lifelong Christian and an avid supporter of gay rights. Thanks for pointing this out--- homophobia is pretty much the opposite of the message Jesus brought to us.