Sticker 035 Sorry My Car's a Piece of Shit

Sticker #035Sorry My Car is a Piece of Shit, My Parents Didn't Buy it for Me

by Phil Schenk Author

 If only this sticker existed in 1977, ahh, sweet smelly nostalgia. 

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: "Sorry my car is a piece of shit. My parents didn't buy it for me.")

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I kinda want one that says "Sorry my car isn't a piece of shit; my parents bought it for me." It's hella incongruous with most of the rest of my life but I wasn't about to turn it down.


I wish I'd seen this sticker 4-5 years ago. I had a 94 accord which was wonderful and reliable, however, after my friend crashed it (word to the wise: never teach your friends how to drive, no matter how much they beg you) it became, eh, cosmetically challenged, to say the least. It was a pretty horrific crash, but the car wasn't totaled by any means, and still ran great. I got a lot of strange looks, laughs comments (including "see this shit? doesn't get any more fucked up than that!") about the appearance of my car, but since it was still in great shape mechanically and safe (and completely paid for, at that!), I kept it.


right on. when kids dont have to buy their own cars, they think those who have to save forever just for a shitty car are lazy.


Brilliant! My car, my cheap-ass apartment with holes in the wall, my used textbooks and my student loans. It's all shitty but it's ALL MINE. \m/.


My current car isn't a POS although it is from 1985. It's the best car I"ve ever had. My previous cars were all POS. My mom and step dad bought them all for me though. Believe me you can have parents that buy you stuff and still not be rich and spoiled. :)


yeah pretty much. all of my friends have cars their parents went out and bought for them. they have these nice jettas and shit. i have some geo metro i bought from a neighbor. horay!


dude pmonster, my bike is way radder than youre fucking car. and costs way less......... and im probably in much better shape than you are


i think this sticker makes anyone who drives a nice car their parents purchased for them feel ashamed. as long as the person driving it is a good person and doing their best then who really cares? i don't think people should be snubbed just because they were born into a family with money. we don't choose what our economic status will be before we are born. all that matters is that we accept the resources given to us with gratitude and make the most of them however grand or un-grand they may be.


My car is a piece of shit AND my dad bought it for me- he understands my need for excessive garbage picking... and it was still $1800. that's how we roll.


Awesome! This sticker was actually on a car I just bought ... along with several others. It is the only one that stayed. Sometimes I just want to drive down to college campuses and yell, "Hey Daddy, thanks for my 3 series BMW." *enter scarcasm*


Who, except small-minded babbitts, cares who bought whose car and if it's a piece of shit or not?! Complete bullshit!
Fight capitalism, not less!


Can we change this to "sorry my bike is a piece of shit, my parents didnt buy it for me?"


I love this. The point is, if you're a damn poor kid, all you can afford is a piece of crap car. I'm proud of my falling apart '81 car because I saved for ages and ages to buy it with my own money, and wouldn't accept help from my parents.


What are cars good for? SEX! When do we want it? NOW! CRITICAL MASS!!!!!!!!




Where is Sorry my Car is a piece of shit, my parents did buy it for me?


Sorry my car is not a piece of shit, I bought it myself.