a woman wearing a shawl with a tattoo on her chest

Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The Secrets of Erotic Magic

by Jason Miller Author

Sex has long been considered a spiritual act. Tantric sexual positions and practices occupy a prominent place in Hinduism and Buddhism, and Christianity, Islam and other religions have long been preoccupied with virginity. But sex also matters greatly to magical and witchcraft traditions the world over, infusing these secret and occult practices with a sensual and erotic element. In this book, author Jason Miller brings together Eastern and Western understandings of magic and mystery to help you enhance the potency of your own sexual magic. Learn to use the moment of orgasm as a way to attain spiritual enlightenment, commune with sexual spirits and gods, avoid the pitfalls and dangers of sex magic, and develop your own grimoire of sexual spells and rituals. Experienced and amateur sex magic practitioners alike will benefit from a study of this volume.