a photo with five spoons full of various spices on the left hand side of the cover

The Herbal Kitchen: Bring Lasting Health to You and Your Family with 50 Easy-To-Find Common Herbs and Over 250 Recipes

by Kami McBride Author

Herbs are all around us. They grow in our backyards, in the median strips of major roads and highways, in forests and fields, and in the little patches of nature that crop up even in the densest of urban environments. They make our food taste better, but more than that, they possess medicinal and pharmaceutical properties that humans have used for centuries to address all manner of ills. In this delightful cookbook, discover how to create healthy meals that taste incredible for the whole family while using herbs with healing and helpful properties. Covering 50 different herbs, the correct way to dose and prepare them, and offering over 250 delicious recipes, author Kami McBride has compiled a comprehensive and useful reference for the home cook and herbalist.