a purple hand holding a heart-shaped pendulum at the top of the cover and a pink hand holding a crystal at the bottom

Payback's a Witch

by Lana Harper Author

Emmy Harlow is a witch. But she hasn't been back to her magical hometown of Thistle Grove in years, and her magic is waning. So with the big spellcasting tournament coming up, Emmy heads back home in order to do her familial duty, see her best friend Linden, and recharge her magic before heading back to her life in Chicago. But on her first night back in Thistle Grove she runs into Talia Avramov, a badass witch fresh off a breakup with the heir to the most powerful magical family in town, Gareth Blackmoor. Emmy is ready to head back to Chicago but finds herself wrapped up in the drama of her hometown in more ways than one, and she can't stop thinking about the bewitching Talia. The most recent of author Lana Harper's four YA novels about modern day witches, Payback's A Witch is an engrossing read and a thrilling tale of magic and romance.