an old painting of two people sitting next to each other, with one holding cards in their hands

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth

by Benebell Wen Author

For beginner and advanced tarot readers alike, Holistic Tarot is a comprehensive guide to this centuries-old form of divination. Tarot is often considered to be a form of 'fortune-telling,' but its true power lies in its ability to give us access to our intuition, allowing us to see ourselves and the path we are on more clearly. With the guidance included in this book from author and tarot expert Benebel Wen, learn how to pick the right tarot deck for you, how to care for it, read it, and apply its wisdom to your life. Wen has included theoretical discussions of the tarot, as well as information on its similarities to and differences from other forms of divination, such as the Chinese I Ching, alongside reflections on tarot's relationship to Jungian psychological archetypes. A must-read guide for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and practice of tarot.