an illustrated naked pregnant woman sitting crosslegged

The Herbalist's Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond

by Carole Guyett Author

Written by herbalist and midwife Carole Guyett and representing 35 years of experience working in the medical field, this comprehensive guide to the use of herbs for pre-natal care, childbirth, and postpartum care is an essential read for any herbalist working with pregnant people. Full of practical examples and anecdotes from Guyett's long career, the holistic approach described in this book reflects the emphasis on the whole person common in herbal medical practices. Guyett prepares the reader to understand the qualities of various herbs, when their use is called for, and how to correctly dose and administer herbal treatments. Herbal remedies and medicinal plants have been an integral part of medical care and midwifery for millennia, and Guyett passes on her extensive knowledge to the reader through this thorough and meticulously written book.