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Psyched: Seven Cutting-Edge Psychedelics Changing the World

by Amanda Siebert Author and Julie Holland, MD Author

Psychedelics have been used by cultures all over the world for millennia, with some scientists even postulating that human language development occurred because our distant ancestors consumed psilocybin mushrooms. But for the last two hundred years or more, psychedelics have become feared and stigmatized. Only now are scientists once again discovering the incredible potency of these plants and drugs, opening up new pathways for treating chronic illnesses and revealing new truths about the human mind. In this fascinating book, author Amanda Siebert explores this new psychedelic frontier, teaching the reader about the traditional Indigenous uses of psychedelics as well as exploring their potential uses in contemporary clinical contexts for treating everything from addiction, to PTSD, to depression. A comprehensive guide to the current state of psychedelics.