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Cooking with Whey: A Cheesemaker's Guide to Using Whey in Probiotic Drinks, Savory Dishes, Sweet Treats, and More

by Claudia Lucero Author

Making cheese or yogurt at home can be a fun (not to mention delicious) activity, but for every gallon of milk you use in the process, about three quarters of that gallon turns into something called whey. Too often, folks discard this byproduct because they don't know what to do with it. Not anymore. In Cooking With Whey, author Claudia Lucero offers the reader dozens of recipes for turning whey into everything from probiotic drinks to savory meals and sweet treats. Whether you use it to brine a cut of meat, jumpstart the fermentation process, or just add a little creaminess to a meal, whey is a versatile and under-appreciated ingredient. Make the most of your leftover whey with a little help from this book!