an illustration of Saturn with orange flecks orbiting it

Surviving Your Saturn Return: A Guided Journal to Help You Thrive in Your Cosmic Coming-of-Age

by Phoebe Fenrir Author

For the astrologically-inclined, this journal is designed to help you make the most of your Saturn Return. The Saturn Return occurs every 29 years, when the planet arrives back at the space in the sky that it was at the time of your birth. This can lead to all kinds of disruptions in your life, including increased uncertainty about your way forward and hardships and obstacles in your path. This hardcover journal is designed to help folks approaching their late 20s and early 30s navigate this difficult time, using it as a catalyst for personal growth and success. With sections and writing prompts on health, wealth, relationships, and community, author Phoebe Fenrir is here to help the reader unpack the challenges they're facing and come out on top.