various tarot cards arranged on the cover, with some flipped over

Tarot for Beginners: A Holistic Guide to Using the Tarot for Personal Growth and Self Development

by Meg Hayertz Author

In this comprehensive introduction to tarot, beginners can gain a working knowledge of this centuries-old divination technique and learn how to use tarot to gain insight into themselves. Author Meg Hayertz has designed this book to allow the user to connect the big abstract concepts at play in tarot readings with the minutiae of their day to day lives. Hayertz draws on the history of tarot reading in order to offer a proper context for the contemporary tarot practitioner, and offers straightforward and accessible how-tos to get the reader started working with their tarot deck as quickly as possible. Learn to pose questions, reflect on the answers you receive, and use tarot to catalyze personal growth and reflection. 

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)