Title is written on a leaf imposed on an image of a forest.

Forest Walking: Discovering the Trees and Woodlands of North America

by Peter Wohlleben Author and Jane Billinghurst Author

North America is filled with trees, whether it's the mighty pine forests of the Pacific Northwest or the staid oaks of the East Coast. Forest Walking teaches you how to engage with the trees in those forests using all five senses. By decoding nature's signs, you can awaken to the past and present of the ecosystem around you. The book explores a variety of topics, including: how to follow the spread of a root, taste the tip of a branch, and search for a bitter almond smell. What creatures can you find by turning over rocks in a stream? Learn about a forest's history by the feel of the path underfoot, the scars on the trees along the trail, or the play of sunlight through the branches. The authors share their experiences collated from trips across North America, from the rainforests and redwoods of the west coast down to the cypress swamps of the south.