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The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy: Step-by-Step Advice on How to Ally and Speak Up with Autistic People and the Autism Community

by Jenna Gensic Author and Jennifer Brunton Author

Too often, advocates for the autistic community fail to consider what autistic folks have to say, and instead take their cue from parents and educators working from a 'disability' model that considers autism to be a hindrance or nuisance instead of a remarkable and distinct way of seeing the world. In this book, written by, for, and about autistic folks, hear from autistic adults about the best ways to advocate for autistic children, and learn to center neurodivergent folks (and not their parents or teachers) when thinking about how to be an effective ally. From emphasizing acceptance, to assuming competence, authors Dr. Jennifer Brunton and Jenna Gensic give the reader the insight they need to speak up insightfully and compassionately, and with the desires and needs of the autistic community at the front of their mind.