book cover depicting various workers rioting and protesting with signs

Unions for Beginners

by C.M. Butzer Author, David Cogswell Author and For Beginners Author

Do you appreciate your forty-hour, five-day workweek? Having a safe working environment? Unions made it possible. As the champion of people power versus corporate power, unions help to spread the benefits of production throughout a society. Regardless of the state of the economy, workers' struggle to gain and retain their rights remains timeless. Unions For Beginners provides an introduction to this essential history. Written and illustrated in the user-friendly, accessible style of the For Beginners series, Unions For Beginners presents the epic story of the labor movement in a simple, memorable way. Unions For Beginners presents the history of unions and the labor movement, the principles underlying union organizing, the decline of unions in the shadow of the rising corporate state, and the resurgence in the 21st century of union activism. (Short Discount)