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Black Holocaust for Beginners

by S.E. Anderson Author, Cro-Maat Collective Illustrator, For Beginners Series Editor and Vanessa Holley Illustrator

From the start of the European slave trade around the year 1500 through the U.S. Civil War in 1865, 15 million people were kidnapped from Africa and enslaved and likely 5 times that many were killed in the process. The Black Holocaust unflinchingly tells the story of this travesty in words and pictures bound to impress upon you the sheer scale and impact of the humanitarian crisis that was the slave trade. Historical research, numbers, and first person accounts are all brought to bear for a visceral picture of the experiences of millions of human beings during this time of horrors that still shapes our present day life, culture, and economy.

In school, we learned a watered-down version of this story of the "triangle trade." Here is the human version, which is vital to understand lest we repeat this history again.