book cover depicting an illustration of Charles Bukowski's face

Bukowski for Beginners

by For Beginners Author, Carlos Polimeni Author and Miguel Rep Author

Charles Bukowski, poet, novelist, short-story writer, journalist, and cult figure of the dissident and rebellious, was hailed as "laureate of American lowlife" by Time magazine. Bukowski was one of the most unconventional writers and cultural critics of the 20th century, living an unorthodox, idiosyncratic life and writing in a unique, impossible to classify style. His life and work are distinguished not only by a remarkable talent for words but also by his rejection of the dominant social and cultural values of American society. He is also considered one of the great literary voices of Los Angeles. In Bukowski For Beginners, playwright Carlos Polimeni evaluates the life and literary achievements of the cult writer whose voice of dissidence and discontent is still heard and appreciated by readers worldwide.