purple book cover depicting Paul Robseon

Paul Robeson for Beginners

by Paul Von Blum Author, For Beginners Author, Elizabeth Von Notias Author and Ramsess Author

An exceptional scholar, lawyer, athlete, stage and screen actor, linguist, singer, civil rights and political activist, Paul Robeson performed brilliantly in every professional enterprise he undertook. Any serious treatment of civil rights history and radical politics, as well as American sports, musicals, theatres, and film history must consider the enormous contributions of Paul Robeson.And yet, Paul Robeson remains virtually unknown by millions of educated Americans. People typically know him for only one, if any, of the major successes of his life: the concert singer best known for “Old Man River,” the star of Shakespeare’s Othello on Broadway in the early 1940s, the political activist blacklisted for his radical views and activism during the era of McCarthyism in the 1950s. Paul Robeson For Beginners demystifies and bestows light and long overdue credence to the life of this extraordinary American. (Short Discount)