Book cover depicting Chomsky in a superhero costume, holding up some books in front of a newspaper background

Chomsky for Beginners

by David Cogswell Author, For Beginners Author and Paul Gordon Author

Noam Chomsky has written over 30 books, is one of the most-quoted authors on Earth, and the New York Times calls him “arguably the most important intellectual alive”—yet most people remain unfamiliar with his remarkable oeuvre. Known for his work in two distinct areas—linguistics and "gadflying"—Chomsky’s message is very simple: Huge corporations run our country, the world, both political parties, and major media. If enough people open their minds to what he has to say, America might turn into a real democracy. Chomsky For Beginners covers both sides of his career, plus an exclusive interview with the maverick himself. The clarity of David Cogwell’s text and the wit of Paul Gordon’s illustrations make Chomsky as easy to understand as the genius next door.