Rainbow striped book cover depicting eyes showing various signs in their pupils

Gender & Sexuality for Beginners

by For Beginners Author, Jaimee Garbacik Author and Jeffrey Lewis Author

In 2018 the concepts of gender & sexuality have changed drastically from their past black/white meanings. As people feel more comfortable and safe expressing who they truly are to the world, many new experiences, and realities are coming to light. Gender and Sexuality For Beginners uncovers the various understandings of gender roles/sexual orientation present within American society, focusing on how these understandings have changed - and how neither is as objective as many believe they are.

Since these 'categories' are not truly objective or completely categorical this has vast connotations for how we consider gender and sexual orientation. Where does equality stand when the standard definitions of male/female don't include portions of the population? Society has all these ideas about what it means to be a man or women - and the current political time period is striving to fight against these. Many gains and strides have been made for these communities but there is still a large gap between reality and what the government enforces. This book takes a closer look at the media outlets and institutions that define gender roles and sexuality so narrowly and enforce the privileges of heterosexuality.

This book examines the history and construction of these concepts/roles - looking at different disciplines and historical activism to truly understand these new perspectives on gender and sexual inequality.

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