book cover depicting Harriet Tubman in front of three red trees

Harriet Tubman for Beginners

by Annette Alston Author, For Beginners Author, Lynsey Hutchinson Author and Susan Ades Stone Author

Harriet Tubman's name has gone down in history for her escape from slavery and many subsequent trips back to help others escape to a free life in the North. But few know the extent of her extreme badassery. This in-depth biography tell the story of "Minty," as she was known as a child. She grew up subject to violence, epilepsy, and a traumatic brain injury, escaping as a young adult and returning over a dozen times to lead hundreds of other people to freedom, including many members of her family. Later, she returned again to the South with a rifle as a Union nurse, cook, scout, and spy, and after the war she dedicated her life to helping people be free. Never seeking wealth or fame, she dedicated her life after the war as an advocate, healer, and helper for Black Americans, and was involved in the suffrage movement before her death.This biography is easy to read and contains many lesser-known aspects of her life story, like her work with John Brown and her life after the war.