Photo of five hands holding a ring of water with the title in the center.

Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World

by Rick Smolan Author, Jennifer Erwitt Author and Robert Redford Author

This extraordinary volume is two books in one - first, it is about a 15,000-mile relay race in which 20 athletes spent 95 days running around the globe to spread awareness of the world's water crisis, and secondly it is a showcase of powerful, inspiring, disturbing, and hopeful photos captured by photojournalists from around the world who documented the human face of our water crisis and its possible solutions. This incredible look into the water problems that pervade humanity shows the faces of the entrepreneurs, activists, nongovernmental organizations, and charity foundations who are the front lines in our mission for clean water. By the end, we are left to form our own conclusions as to what we can do to help and whether we can take the steps necessary to solve this global crisis before it's too late.