Solarpunk Witchcraft

by Justine Norton-Kertson Author

Solarpunk Witchcraft: A Radical Spiritual Praxis is the book that social justice and environmentalist witches have been waiting for. In the midst of dystopia and the beginnings of apocalypse, this book introduces a fresh and radical utopian witchcraft at a time when it’s desperately needed.

Under the banner of the new art, literature, and activist movement that’s making waves within the left and environmentalism, Solarpunk Witchcraft provides activist witches with meditations and correspondences for developing a spiritual practice rooted in nature, the Sun, and the solarpunk drive to build a better and more utopian world. In addition, a host of spells are provided to use in the fight against climate change and other social problems facing our world. Together, these practices and spells forge a new path and radical spiritual praxis, a Solarpunk Witchcraft to help guide us as we work together to create a more utopian future.