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Once upon a time, Justine Norton-Kertson corrupted young minds by teaching high school history, civics, and economics from a leftist perspective, then spent almost a decade as a community and union organizer. Nowadays, Justine continues working to corrupt the youth, primarily as a publisher, author, screenwriter, and podcaster. Justine was named one of the 2023 Grist 50 Fixers for their work publishing climate fiction and organizing around climate change. They founded Android Press and Solarpunk Magazine in 2022 and are editor-in-chief for both. Their short stories and poems have been published by Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Reckoning, Solarpunk Magazine, and World Weaver Press, among others. Justine is also the creator and host of the fantasy fiction podcast Imagitopia and was an associate producer for the streaming show The 7th Rule. Justine recently co-founded a film and media production studio called Nerd Horror Media. They live in rural Oregon with their partner, puppies, cats, goats, and bunnies, where they enjoy gardening, kayaking, writing, and making short films. They can be found online on Instagram and TikTok @utopianwitchcraft, or at www.justinenortonkertson.com.

Utopian Witch: Solarpunk Magick to Fight Climate Change and Save the World

Utopian Witch: Solarpunk Magick to Fight Climate Change and Save the World

by Justine Norton-Kertson Author

This solarpunk book of shadows will guide you in surviving and resisting climate crisis and dystopian political systems…


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