a leather suitcase wrapped in barbed wire with 'Dachau' 'Auschwitz' and 'Buchenwald' written on three tags attached to it

Nein, Nein, Nein!: One Man's Tale of Depression, Psychic Torment, and a Bus Tour of the Holocaust

by Jerry Stahl Author

In this grimly humorous recounting of author Jerry Stahl's experience on a guided bus tour of the Holocaust, one of history's darkest hours meets modern day tourist and consumerist culture to horrifying effect. Suffering from a depressive episode in 2016, Stahl decided to travel to Poland and Germany to visit the death camps, a place where his despair would not feel out of place. Upon arriving though, Stahl found the camps and the tourism economy that surrounds them more disturbing than he expected, but not for the reason he expected. Tag along on this journey as Stahl weaves global history with personal history and takes you to polka dances, hotels filled with tourists come to see the place where six million were annihilated, and even to the snack bar at Auschwitz where they serve sausages and sell swag mere hundreds of feet from what had been gas chambers and crematoria. A resounding indictment of our culture's historical memory, and a weirdly life-affirming chronicle of one strange tour bus ride.